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ZBM Training

Theoractical Training Round For The Following Post

Designation: ZBM ( Zonal Business Manager ) 
Package: 14.4 Lakh per annum ( i,e Rs 1,20,000 Fixed Salary Per Month)
Working: Work of Zonal Business Manager is to expand the business of company by supporting existing franchise and appointing new franchise in his region.

Guidelines For Clearing Up Training Test

Guideline 1: Trader enrolling for our prime portfolio management service must have a minimum portfolio of and above 25 lacs. Incase the client want to start with smaller portfolio to gain confidence then in that case we can provide him trades in Nifty Option (Port >10 lac) and then in Equities for (Port >25 Lacs) so we deals in both segment of Nifty Option and Equity Futures and services which we provide to our clients is purely portfolio management service (P.M.S) in which client can keep account with any of the broker of his choice.

Guideline 2: "The source of trading information which we execute in PMS account is Mutual Fund Based Information" which we receive from the DII (Mutual Fund which is based in Mumbai)."The trades which we execute for our clients are purely intraday trades" which hits the target in the average duration of "15 Mins to 1 Hour" . If we see our last 100 trades then "19 trades out every 20 trades have hit the targets that mean our trading is having a shear accuracy of 95.2%" generating 2% to 4% growth per trade basis now in a month we have 20 trading sessions so that means on "average in a month we generates a profit of 15% to 30%" every month. To check the performance of our trading client can take live trial trades on his phone for 5 trading sessions also he can watch our live execution area / live ledger / contract notes taken from our live trading account or if he is having a good portfolio then we can also allow him to watch our live trading account via team viewer".

Guideline 3: We works on a "Profit Sharing Model" with the client in which we charges "40% share of the net profit" which we generates for him. We take the profit sharing "Initially on trade basis and afterwards on every one lakh profit" we makes in his account. We execute the trade orders for client eighter by "Call and Trade or Online Trading or Basket Trading" for faster executions after it once the client makes profit then he can share 40% of the profit eighter by "Any Bank Netbanking or By Any Credit / Debit Card or By Depositing Cheque in the nearest banks branch".

Guideline 4: ZBM needs to clear both of the Theoretical Training Round 1 and Practical Training Round 2 within given period of time i.e Round 1 withing 72 hours and Round 2 within 30 days to get selected at the post of Zonal Business Manager . Earlier the candidate clears up the the round more his ranking will be in the selection process. Annual package of Zonal Business Manager once he becomes permanent in the company is 14.4 Lac p.a till the candidate is permanent he receives 50% of the revenue company generated from the clients under him.As the A.U.M (Asset Under Management) of the ZBM grows there salary also gets the increment 14.4 lac p.m being the basis starting salary the package grows to even 60 lacs p.a when the A.U.M crosses 5 Cr this is the scope of future expansion of the salaries in the job.

Guideline 5: Pro Trading India Pvt Ltd also provides the lucrative option of owning a franchisee. This option is very lucrative so its provided only to selected few people who qualifies our approval process . Only one franchisee gets opened in the range of 150 kms till its established and active and our complete direct business of that area is routed through the franchisee by helping franchisee to grow with high speed. In order to help the franchisee the company supports directly for the promotions by providing the client acquisition system to its franchise for online and offline marketing activities through which franchise gets aproximately 25 HNI Clients every month. Although franchisee can easily convert 10 out 25 HNI Traders we have provided it but lets say it just converted and added only one client in a month who was having a portfolio of 25 lacs. Then we will easily generate 20% growth to his account i.e the profit of 5 lacs (although average growth we makes is 40% to 60% per month) . From the profit of 5 lac the client will pay us back 40% of it i.e 2 Lac for our portfolio management services . Out of this revenue of 2 lac we will directly share 50% of it with our franchisee so the "Franchisee will generate Rs 100,000.00 (1 lac) profit per month on the client having a portfolio of 25 lac". will Now lets say in first month franchisee was able to convert one client our of 25 traders we provided it then also it will generate around 1 lakh profit on it is the first month and If we take out all of the expences from it like 8000 franchisee emi cost , 10000 traveling and phone and other cost then also the "franchisee will generate a net profit of around Rs 82000.00 in its first month itself" and even" if the franchisee adds only one clients out of 25 clients we provides it then also after 6 month it will be having 6 clients of 25 lac portfolio each generating a revenue of 600,000.00 per month and net profit of 5,40,000.00 p.m "

Guideline 6: ZBM needs to clear both of the Theoretical Training Round 1 and Practical Training Round 2 within given period of time i.e Round 1 withing 72 hours and Round 2 within 30 days to get selected at the post of Zonal Business Manager . Earlier the candidate clears up the the round more his ranking will be in the selection process.Once both of the Round 1 & 2 are cleared in the given time range the the candidate receive the appointing letter for the post of ZBM (Zonal Business Manager ) having the annual package of 14.4 lac per annum.

Theoretical Training : Round 1

  1. What is the minimum portfolio the trader must have to use our extremely powerful portfolio management sevices ?

  2. In which segment trades will be done for the trader

  3. Which broker services client can use for trading?

  4. What is the source of the trading info which we execute in the PMS accounts?

  5. What are the type of trades we execute for our clients?

  6. What is the average duration of trade hitting the target ?

  7. What is the actual accuracy of our trades ?

  8. How much average growth we generates in a month ?

  9. How can client check performance and accuracy of our trading ?

  10. What model of charges we take from our client ?

  11. What is our sharing charges of the net profit we charges from the client on the profit we generates for him in our profit sharing model ?

  12. After how much profit client has to make the payments ?

  13. How we execute trade to manage clients portfolio ?

  14. How can the client make payment to us ?

  15. Which rounds we needs to clear to get selected as a ZBM in Pro Trading India Pvt Ltd ?

  16. Whats the annual package of zonal business manager ?

  17. How much the annual salary package of Zonal Business Manager grows too when his A.U.M crosses 5 Cr ?

  18. Who can apply for the franchisee of "Pro Trading India Pvt Ltd" ?

  19. Who pay and strategies for the promotion and marketing cost of bringing in business and HNI clients for the franchisee ?

  20. How many HNI clients a franchisee can get approximately from the company in a month from the company/ franchisee guided promotions ?

  21. What revenue a franchisee is expected to generate per month on a HNI Client having a portfolio of 25 lacs ?

  22. What is the average profit which the franchisee starts generating from first month itself after deducting all expenses and franchisee cost ?

  23. Whats is the average profit which on the franchisee is expected to generate every month after 6 months of starting just by enrolling 1 Client per month?

  24. For getting appointed as a ZBM the candidate needs to clear theoretical round 1 and practical round 2 in how much maximum time respectively ?

  25. When does the candidate get selected for the post of Zonal Business Manager ?

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