Milestones Achieved

  • HFT Index Trading Accuracy : 98.6% (Tested On Over 500+ Trades) Average HFT Hold Time 78 Minutes , Hedge Trading Accuracy : 95.2% (Tested On Over 260+ Trades) Average Hedge Trading Hold Time 6 Days, International Forex Hedge Mechanism (For International Traders) : Profit Accuracy 93.7% (Tested Over 120+ Trades) Average Hold Time 3 Days.

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Protrading India
SB Tower, Ground Floor, Sector 126, Noida, UP UP-201301
Contact :- +91-9599 844 526
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Live Performance Stats ( Last 50 Trades )

  • Live Performance Stats ( Last 50 Trades )
  • Trades Executed : 50 Trades
  • Trades Hitting Target : 47 Trades
  • Trades Hitting Loss : 3 Trades
  • Max Drawdown : 2.6%
  • Portfolio : 6104621.00
  • Bankable Net Profit ( Last 50 Trades) : 1976500
  • Trading Sessions : 50 Sessions
  • Calender Days : 74 Days
  • Growth : 32%
  • Average Growth Per Month : 12.8% ( For Last 74 Days)


Why only US ?

More appropriate question is can I trade with our institutional Information. We allow only elite category of traders mainly industrialist and High Networth Investors to trade with us as the information we receive is extremely precise and accurate so we want it to land in right hands. We receive information from the execution desk of 6 of US Based Foreign Institutional Investors ( F.I.I ) which invests in Indian markets so to maintain the prestige and preciseness of information we are allowed to provide this information to HNI Elite Category of Traders only.

How much calls you provide in a day?

1 Precisely Accurate Institutional Intraday trade with extremely high accuracy is provided in a day. This means we focus on only one trade a day and only after we book complete profit in it then we go for next trade.

Are your calls purely Intraday?

Yes all our high priority trades are completely intraday not only they are completely intraday trades but usually they reaches there targets in almost 45 minutes to 1 Hour. Actually as soon as we execute the trade it start to move in the direction of targets as in approximate 7 to 8 minutes of receiving the information the execution from the funds starts in and as there execution goes in the market the counter keeps on moving which in approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour reaches its targets.

How much accuracy you can assure me?

Above 95.2 %, Till now 273 Trades out of 278 Trades have hit their targets in equity. Each and every trade contract notes are available and also comments of live traders executing our trades have been recorded and listed.
Real time performance can be viewed at ( For equity Trades) and ( For Commodity Trades)

Do i have to pay any advance before starting your service?

No, We don't believe in advances first you will be made to gain good profit on our extremely accurate information and then only we will accept profit sharing from you that too after deduction of brokerage and other expenses from your net profit.

How you accept payment?

We accept payment by cash, cheque, netbanking, creditcard, debit card

By which mode i will receive your calls?

For first three trades you will receive the trades directly over your phone by personal calling and you will be trained for how to use institutional trading information to maximize your profit everything including initial trade entry , trading updates and final complete profit booking will be informed to you over phone.

What is the Best Trading Style you recommend for trader?

Trading Recommend:
You have become a trader to consistently reap profits from market independent of its movements so you have an edge as you gain when market moves up and when it fall down (By Shorting). Now this edge is possible and available to the top notch of intraday traders. So its very much important that source of your information must be the top notch (Fund Based Information) Stay away from mere operator information and go for much much better Fund Based Information provider which provides information from FII or DII real time execution desks. Now how to check that your source provides you information from the real market movers. For this ask them them to provide information without asking for initial advances and trade on their information ask for the time at which your traded counter will have fast move ( because if they are genuine Fund Based Information provider they must have there execution reports which specifies the net volumes they are going to punch in the market and precise timings they have to punch orders in the market ). Don’t just focus on their sale pitch focus on real contract notes / snap shots of their own portfolio ( If they have information they must first execute in their own accounts and thus must have contract notes or snap shots of there platforms mentioning real time profits).

Main thing to watch while taking information from Fund Based Information Providers is that after they provide the trade it must hit the targets within approximately 1 hour because generally the fund execution lasts for 45 min to 1hour per trade and that’s the time when they moves markets so targets must generally reach out in approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.

What Services do you provide?

We Deal Only in "Extremely Accurate institutional Intraday Trades in Equity".This information is based on the execution executed by group of Network of 6 US Based F.I.I and 3 Indian D.I.I out of which 2 are from Mumbai and 1 is from Delhi. As information is precisely accurate and confidential so its provided only to elite group of traders ( With High Trading Volumes and Reputed Background)

What is the Minimum Investment requirement for Trading in order to get your calls?

You can keep your investment with you at any broker of your choice and minimum portfolio must be of 25 lacs to use our services.

Do you suggest when can I book profit or exit?

Yes, we provide complete follow-ups and trade updates till you completely book the profits even a account manager will be assigned to you who will remain in touch with you on every step and keep you in touch with all information's which we have received from the funds till your profit is booked