Live Executions

2015-07-28 08:56:53
Sir can you show me live trading account i want to see how such growth can be made... thnx
2015-07-28 08:03:07

@ Vineet and kanhaiya almost all trades gets into profit within 10mins to 40mins with extreme accuracy.

2015-07-28 04:38:53
kanhaiya singh
awsome call bt movemnet was very fast so i cudnt trade it.
2015-07-28 00:35:57
vineet gaur
Trade was very fast sir ...thx i traded small in 1100 qty only do all trades remains this fast or not?
2015-07-28 00:17:08

Book profit in 10000 Qty.of Nifty 8600 Put at market price (CMP is 200.00 right now at 1.30 pm.Bankable profit of Rs 116960.00 ( MTM Rs 120000 , Brokerage 40, Govt Tax 3000) on Investment of 1880000 with Actual ROI of 6.221% in 12 mins.

2015-07-28 08:31:01

Bought 10000 Quantity of Nifty 8600 Put just now at market price (CMP is 188.00 at 1:18 pm).You can also buy at same price with the protection level of 185.00.We will inform live when to book profit.

2015-07-28 08:18:54

Trade Executions will be mainly between 11 am to 2 pm as soon as the trade gets executed in our live account it will be published over here live with preciseness of seconds.Every information will be from Nifty Option Trading and our aim will be to generate 2% profit per day consistently you can use this live information to make profit.

2015-07-27 05:42:15
manish gatodia
what time we can see live executions sir....
2015-07-27 05:20:01

All deals will bought and sold on realtime basis with the preciseness of seconds to generate daily consistent R.O.I of 1% per day ( aprox 30% per month).[/B] By following this area one can learn how to practicaly generate return on investment at the rate of 1% per day minimum.As all information is practicaly executed live in my personal trading account so i can provide you access of my live account for learning process. Trading Stats and Performance for July Month ( As per my live account Starting Balance : Rs 2033936.31 ( On 1st June 2015) Profit Generated : Rs 1147832.55 ( From 1st June to 24th June) Amount Withdrawal : Rs 950000.00 Amount Reinvested : Rs 197832.00 Capital Gain Tax : 344000.00 Net Profit After Tax : 803832.00 Actual ROI :[/B] 39.5% Number of Days : 24 Days Growth Per Day : 1.64% Return on Investment Per Day Total Trade Deals Executed : 17 Trade Deals Deals Booked in Profit : 16 Deals Out of 17 Deals Deals Booked in Loss : 1 Deal Out of 17 Deals Max Drawdown : 3.7% Accuracy of Trade Deals : 94.11 % All of the above trades are executed live in my personal trading account and on request i can provide access to my live trading account.Also you can follow this area to watch,learn and then practicaly execute deals to generate minimum 1% ROI per day on your portfolio.

2015-07-26 22:18:58

Trade Booking

Book profit in 23000 Quantity (40 Lots) of LT at market price (CMP is 1708.80 right now at 1:58 pm).Bankable Profit of Rs. 140073.21 ( MTM 154100.00 ) on Portfolio of 2000000 is generated with Actual ROI of 7.00%.

2021-09-20 14:00:00

(Trade Entry (20th Sept)

Sold 23000 Quantity (40 Lots) of LT just now at market price (CMP is 1715.50 at 12:28 pm).

2021-09-20 12:29:01

Trade Booking

Book profit in 114000 Quantity (40 Lots) of TATAMOTORS at market price (CMP is 310.60 right now at 1:14 pm).Bankable Profit of Rs. 101409.20 ( MTM 114000.00 ) on Portfolio of 2000000 is generated with Actual ROI of 5.07%.

2021-09-17 13:15:53

(Trade Entry (17th Sept)

Bought 114000 Quantity (40 Lots) of TATAMOTORS just now at market price (CMP is 309.60 at 12:31 pm).

2021-09-17 12:32:08

Trade Booking

Book profit in 10000 Quantity (40 Lots) of RELIANCE at market price (CMP is 2416.60 right now at 2:26 pm).Bankable Profit of Rs. 71378.66 ( MTM 80000.00 ) on Portfolio of 2000000 is generated with Actual ROI of 3.56%.

2021-09-16 14:27:53

(Trade Entry (16th Sept)

Sold 10000 Quantity (40 Lots) of RELIANCE just now at market price (CMP is 2424.60 at 1:12 pm).

2021-09-16 13:12:49

(Trade Entry (15th Sept)

Sold 48000 Quantity (40 Lots) of AXISBANK just now at market price (CMP is 789.60 at 10:32 am).

2021-09-15 10:33:12

Trade Booking

Book profit in 55000 Quantity (40 Lots) of ICICIBANK at market price (CMP is 707.80 right now at 2:57 pm).Bankable Profit of Rs. 41128.73 ( MTM 55000.00 ) on Portfolio of 2000000 is generated with Actual ROI of 2.05%.

2021-09-13 14:59:00

(Trade Entry (13th Sept)

Sold 55000 Quantity (40 Lots) of ICICIBANK just now at market price (CMP is 708.80 at 10:05 am).

2021-09-13 10:06:05

Trade Booking

Book profit in 4000 Quantity (40 Lots) of MARUTI at market price (CMP is 6810.80 right now at 10:34 am).Bankable Profit of Rs. 82713.24 ( MTM 92400.00 ) on Portfolio of 2000000 is generated with Actual ROI of 4.13%.

2021-09-09 10:35:59
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