Milestones Achieved

  • HFT Index Trading Accuracy : 98.6% (Tested On Over 500+ Trades) Average HFT Hold Time 78 Minutes , Hedge Trading Accuracy : 95.2% (Tested On Over 260+ Trades) Average Hedge Trading Hold Time 6 Days, International Forex Hedge Mechanism (For International Traders) : Profit Accuracy 93.7% (Tested Over 120+ Trades) Average Hold Time 3 Days.

Franchise Business

Franchise Acquisition Eligibility Details : 

Franchise can be provided only to one out of hundred shortlisted person whom the company feels to be having right demographics and experience in the trading and business field. Only one person can acquire a franchise in a 100 km range and complete direct business of the company in that region is provided to the franchise owner of that region. As only one person in a state is eligible to acquire our franchise so if you are been shortlisted for it then grasp this vast opportunity before someone else takes it up.

Only selected applicant having 5 years or business handling experience and 10 years of trading experience can apply to aquire our franchise else there applications can get rejected during the approval process.


Franchise Setup Requirements :

Office Space: 

Till you start making 4lac to 5lac monthly profits you can work from any place as the clients will be given and closed on phone after you are established and starts making 4lac to 5lac per month then you must keep a 500 sqft office in commercial place.

Business Licence: 

Our business and franchise license will be given to you for 5 years at 10 lac including gst on first day of opening of the franchise we will provide you initial support by providing you one already existing 25 lac portfolio client from our side so your profit generation will start from first day itself.


Franchise Business Model : 

Our franchise will get  2 to 3 HNI traders from its 100km range on daily basis through client acquisition system. You just need to speak to them and guide them to close up deal for which we will support and train you. Once the client agrees to get his portfolio managed by us for generating consistent profits from markets then will start managing his portfolio and will share 50% of net revenues which we generate from the client with the franchise on weekly basis and franchise starts generating net profit from first week itself.


Franchise Profit and Revenues :

We will share 50% of net revenues of all of the clients registered under the franchise for which the franchise will receive the payments on weekly basis. To get an idea of how much the franchise generates here is the model of it. Franchise is provided with a client acquisition system through which franchise gets over 25 HNI clients in a month. Lets say franchise is able to convert one HNI client having a portfolio of 25 lakh in a month from those 25 HNI traders. Then below is the profit and revenue model which the franchise will generate.

25 HNI Traders Franchise Gets From Client Acquisition System----->1 HNI Trader Converted (Portfolio > 25 lac) ------> Profit of 20% ( i.e 5 lac generated) ----> Our Share of 40% (i.e 2 lac received ) ----> 50% Royalty Shared With Franchise ( i.e 1 lac per month franchise net profit)

Note : "A franchise owner generates net profit of 1 lac per month from each and every client of 25 lac portfolio "


Complete Summary  

Franchise owner acquired the franchise for five year by registering his franchise by taking the business licence at 10 lacs .To support the franchise first client with portfolio of 25 lac is provided on the first day itself from which the bank emi (if bank loan is taken) and other expences are easily paid off making your business in profit from first day itself. 

After the franchise registration is done franchise starts receiving 2 to 3 HNI Traders every day from client acquisition system which is provided to franchise from our side. In a month the franchise receives around 25 HNI clients from this system and other leads out of which it converts atleast one HNI Client having the portfolio of 25 lac per month .If franchise converts only 1 HNI trader in a month from 25 HNI traders then also after 6 month it would have generated Rs 20,68,000.00 as the franchise net profit and would be making around Rs 600,000.00 every month. Now even if franchise do not add any further clients still it will generate this much revenue for life long just by maintaining these clients.